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    Sudoku of the day - E-books

    In order to view or print any of the sudoku E-books listed here you need to install the free software Adobe Reader.

    Each of the sudoku E-books contains 120 new sudoku puzzles complete with solutions. They come in two formats:

    Click on the above links to see demonstrations, based on the first 12 Sudoku of the Day puzzles.

    The purchase of any of these books entitles you to both formats. Upon completing the purchase of a sudoku E-Book through PayPal, the books will be e-mailed to you and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the books directly. The prices quoted below include UK VAT (Value Added Tax, known in the US as Sales Tax) at 17.5%. Non UK residents are automatically charged without VAT.

    Book Price Buy
    Easy-1 £0.99
    Medium-1 £0.99
    Hard-1 £1.49
    Absurd-1 £1.49

    Should you have any problems regarding the purchase of a sudoku E-book, please contact us at

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